Monday, July 16, 2007

Unofficial Organization Network

In this week's fortune magazine there is an interesting article that piqued my interest beyond reading it. I could relate to it since it appeared so relevant to my everyday life. It talks about informal networks in organizations. It talks about how to get things done by avoiding and finiding ways around the official organizational tree. So I started musing what about my organization. I guess every employee has a perception of the informal food chain. Some of them have it bang on target and find their way around the structure and get things done. So in order to make it more interesting, I will like the readers to share their perception of the informal social network prevalent at CNSI that makes things work. As long as social networks do not weaken the morale of the employees and are only enablers of efficiency, they are good. Anyway do spend a minute to write your social/informal organization network to make this more interesting.


PRAB said...

It is interesting to hear about the informal networks. I have seen them exist at all tiers in an Enterprise.

There is also an informal saying - for every favor you do, you are adding goodwill in your bucket and when time comes you dip into it to get your things done.

My 2 cents.


Jeff said...

why would I expose my informal network. If everyone uses it, it would no longer be available to me.