Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wake Up America

I read an interesting blog about the state of the Congress. I read it in the Washington Post this morning. It echoed the same sentiment that our mode of instant gratification continues to prevent us from doing the right thing. It is funny that the Congress is more worried about their political legacy, redistricting and less about long term health of their constituents and the long term health of the country. I am no authority to challenge or even remotely comprehend the issue of national debt. It is something that is fed to us in ongoing media and news streams. As we know there is lot of public unrest going on in the Middle East at this time, I would wonder if the more aware of US citizens are ready to initiate their protest of this lackadaisical approach to managing the future of our country and actually do something about it. I am sure it does not need to be in the same form as that happening on the other side of the world but in our own Unique way, we should be putting a cyber protest. If the ordinary citizens have been dealing with personal budget challenges and making some tough cuts that have their children not so happy, I think the federal government needs to do the same.