Sunday, December 25, 2005

Yet Another Reason to be in Augusta, Maine

Well for all the gentleman and excuse me ladies here is some interesting news from the central city in Maine. In our ongoing quest to find incentives for people to travel to Augusta, Maine, we may have discovered yet another gold mine. Well it is store Spellbound in downtown Augusta. And it may be one of the first stores in the nation to use live models clad in bustiers, garters and itty-bitty pieces of metallic fabric and have them in the store windows. Ladies may also be in for a surprise with live men in tuxedos but that may be Version 2. So be careful when you go out to Augusta, since wide eyed men have been reported to slip on ice as they walk by this special store. Volunteers to Augusta, Maine......

Monday, December 12, 2005

CNSI Annual OffSite Meeting Year 2005: Team Building ... Jeopardy

As I write this quick blog entry of CNSI Annual Off Site Meeting, sitting in the flight back to Maryland from Miami, I am hoping everyone would write back to me with equal verve and enthusiasm with their adventures and experiences over this trip.

Jeopardy remained the highlight of this year’s managers meeting. Hold there! It is not the CNSI Jeopardy buzzer contest game that I am talking about, but I am referring to the jeopardy of drinking too much and then falling from dance floor and spending the rest of the trip on two shots per day dosage. I also wish I could refer to the jeopardy of what eCAMS acronym stands for but I would prefer to acquaint you with the perils of gambling and the persistent effort to loose money as if it was being funded by Bank of Jaytee like some of our famous projects are! I wish I could refer to the jeopardy of who is older, Jaytee Kanwal (last clocked at 44++) or Reet Singh (leading with 44+++) but I am talking about the risk of carrying 60 pounds of luggage on a three day cruise and having to move your two-pieces in other people's luggage . Also it is no less of an insurance risk of having 50+ year old people running up and down in 80 F and scorching sun.

Well there was more than the jeopardy game that was played as a team building exercise. We had the beach Olympics which however appeared more of a beer guzzling challenge, scream your way to victory and 'blow it' competition than.. . Anyway, I cannot get away from referencing the fine gentleman who appeared to had spend more time in the gym than .... and could walk away with a job of a life guard or a modeler for special extra short, extra... swim trunks and add to his list of diverse work experiences (Taco bell fryer etc).

At the end, I cannot close this entry of the blog without referring to the "Finds of 2005" for CNSI. First, Bhanu (pronounced Banu), who represents West Virginia equally well as she does Chennai, not only surprised everyone with her drinking capacity but by her ability of being spontaneous, and a playful teaser . I think we can all see a healthy competition developing for a coveted title and position in CNSI upper echelons. Second was CK Kumar ( Head of CNSI India Operations) who amazed not only by his ability to perform a table top dance with a calendar girl but by his ability to constantly stream out with comments and one liners, though they made sense only to him most of the time.

This was the summary highlight of the meeting but more vivid and detailed blogs shall follow and I hope to get some good contribution from my fellow team CNSI members. After all this off site meeting was dedicated to Team Building Right!