Tuesday, January 20, 2009

S2 New Year Resolutions: Personal Accountability and no procrastination

This year I have challenged myself! Challenged not to procrastinate ☺
I do procrastinate. More than I wish and I hope. Of course others who deal and engage with me will say I am even worse. Regardless, the goal this year is to hold myself accountable. And not lapse into a victims thinking mindset. I have reached a conclusion that procrastination is a friend of failure.
Each day as I walk through the unexplored world full of events, I have choices to make and I own full responsibility for those choices. That is personal accountability for me. Personal accountability is not about the other person or holding one other accountable. I believe that I need to focus on my thoughts and actions and use that as a measure since that is more fulfilling and enriching. I think every one (and more so a leader) needs to hold the wagon of personal accountability. As Mahatma Gandhi said “ You must be the change you want to see in the world”. I am planning to start with a small step in that direction by holding myself personally accountable in professional and personal lives and do that both in spirit and letter. I just need to remind myself of this goal every time I lapse into the world of procrastination.