Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Fanatic Pace of Web Exchange

When I wrote my first blog almost 2 years ago, I was seeing myself as one of the early adopters of upcoming web tools and stuff. I was definitely not religious in continuouly writing about topics though many crossed my minds but today, when I look back at the nature of web information publishing, the scale of blogging, multi media publishing like mytube, etc, it is mind boggling. Also, all of this is being accepted with open arms by the new generation. Aagh., I am no longer the latest generation. Yes, I am 33 years old and trying to run at a break neck speed to catch these phenoms but definitely loosing inch every week if not every day. Its true there shall be tools and technologies that would eventually fade out of masses and remain prevalent in their loyal followers but it must be said, that the world of web continues to expand exponentially. There would be lot of people that this is not true collaboration but it is definitely the mixing bowl of ideas and at the intersection of all these varied ideas/schools of thought/streams of knowledge lies the next innovation. Do surf and explore these blogs, etc and not only look for that great idea but see if you can create something out of the fusion of these. So happy surfing,blogging and web collaboration