Monday, July 02, 2007

iPhone Experience : First couple of Days

I am on the iPhone hype wave. Got mine on Saturday. There was not much of a line and the Apple Store experience was good. The apple store person processed my request using his handled and emailed me the receipt. Paperless smooth customer experience, sweet. Apple iPhone activation was a pleasure ride. Everything done in iTunes over the Internet. Within 5 minutes I was using the phone and within 30 minutes i had my phone # transferred and I was receiving calls. The phone User experience is different and like nothing before. It may not be to the liking of a few but a good version 1 of convergence. The convergence of mobile browsing, music, podcast and phone is sweet. Yes I have one gripe. The email thing is not working for me:(. I was hoping to get the Exchange email but no success yet. I am hoping to get a software patch but since it is not even a week old in the industry I will have to have wait longer. But Apple has done a decent job of making people rethink the UI experience on mobile phone. People can argue about the price point but purely on UI convergence experience a definite A++


Rahul Juneja said...

Not sure ! but i guess i still go with Nokia E90

Saravanan Regunath said...

Apple and UI go hand in hand and I am not surprised about the fact that iPhone - UI experience is excellent....but I was really surprised to see Microsoft's Surface Computing and just waiting for Apple's response to Surface Computing...That would be like the war of UI worlds