Monday, September 26, 2005

Make Ganguly : Coach of India Cricket Team

It is a huge disservice to the cricketing nation of India for both Chappel and Ganguly to go at loggerheads. There is no questioning the track record of Ganguly as a captain and as an aggressive,fearsome leader on the field. But at the same time Chappel was bought for a purpose to address some of the apparent weakness in the team and prepare the team for the WorldCup 2007. My only suggestion to Chappel is that even if he had the right intentions for the team, his approach has left much to be desired. He wants to approach his job as if he is coaching the Australian team. You do in Rome as Romans do. Moreover, his unability to motivate Ganguly to adhere to his coaching regimen may be seen as personality clash.However, I think Chappel needs to adapt to the situation. Either way nothing is going to get accomplished in a fragmented team mode which is unfortunately the current situation. I hope better sense prevails and everyone can focus on the game called cricket rather than scheme yet another soap opera episode. Food for thought How about Ganguly being the Coach and Dravid leads the team? Sorry Greg: It is India After All

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