Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Child in EveryOne

I got reminded of that little child who is full of energy, verve and curiosity when I got my Apple laptop yesterday. Beaming with excitement and intrigued by the new toy, I spend few hours trying to admire the beauty of the laptop and acknowledge the attention to finer details. Ahh!..this blog is not about being an Apple convert (I know Steve is little disappointed), but it is about the discovery of the very fact that there is a child in every person.
In the book 'I AM OK, YOU ARE OK', the author highlights the very fact that every individual makeup is made up of three coexisting layers (adult, parent, child). Believe it or not everyone has that child in him that leads him to enjoy the trivial, live the moment. The very fact that in every conversation that we engage in, there is either the adult or the parent or the child interfacing is intriguing. The appreciation of these subliminal interactions can ensure improved handling of the situation. Anyway, I love the child in me, it gives me the creative spark, fills me with the energy to do things unconditionally and gives the excitement in mundane things. As someone said
"Just Be Yourself, because those who matter, don't mind
And those Who Mind, Don't Matter"
Do you agree? Should I care? :)


Anonymous said...

I think that before the adult, parent, child concept was Freud's 'id, ego and super ego'. We should give credit where credit is due, and he was the seminal author in this arena.

Anonymous said...

In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play. ~Nietzsche

in some real men, he's not hidden;-)