Friday, October 14, 2005

Lavar: Undisciplined Talent?

Lavar Arrington, wearing the now famous 56 jersey ( sales of his jersey were the greater than every other jersey sold), and the Redskins continues to be in the mix of controversy as he has been relegated from being the center of defense to a non starter. Theories abundant, comments galore but the fact remains Lavar is on the bench.Lavar can blame his injury for his current miseries but it is more of his relationship with the coaches that is at the root cause of this issue. Lavar, football is quintessential a team sport and if the coach and the rest of the players ( it is amazing discipline on the part of the rest of the defense not to comment either way) do not have trust in you to play team football,I think it is the end of the road for you at Redskins. Ah!! it is going to impact and challenge the marketing returns on the dollars that have been put behind Lavar and the only thing that may reinstate some of it is an injury to couple of key players in the current defensive line. Until then all the loyal Lavar fans and Redksins fan do not bet to see him on the field making plays. Yeah you can plan to see him sacking Brunnel since he may be shopping out for another team who can use his great football talent at the expense of his sometimes undisciplined approach on the field. As for Redskins, we may loose yet another top of the league talent since our coaches could not use the strengths of a man who in his hearts is a true Redskin!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm working in the WA office and was directed to your blog to see the dialog box discussion. But when I saw this post, I had to speak up, even if this one is older...

I was happy to see LaVar on the field against the 49ers! I hoped really hard that he would have a good day and do as the coaches wanted. Maybe he did. I know he made some good tackles, but I also saw him miss at least two. I wonder if he blew any assignments with his 'free lancing'. I hope not. I'd like to see him stay an integral part of the team.

carrw (you know the rest of the address)