Saturday, October 14, 2006

Winning the FCW Rising Star Award

I was recently recognized by the Federal Computer Week with the rising star award. The award was a recognition to my contribution to the design of the next generation Medicaid Management Information System. Even though I feel proud of the fact that this endeavor resulted in a fundamental shift in architecture of solutions offered by the industry, there is yet that need to execute these hugely critical systems more efficiently and effectively. The implementations continue to be held captive to misaligned incentives between the State Goverment and the Vendor. I think we ( my organization CNSI) continue to make small but yet inherently strategic shifts in making implementation less rough and turbulent. At the same time we need to learn not only from other software implementations in different line of business (which are more fluid and dynamic in nature such as ERP implemenations in supply chain) but look for true cross pollination of ideas by exploring totally different industry lines such as ship building and /or home building. The exploration continues....

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